What is

Health Coaching?

Have you ever attempted to reach an unfamiliar destination without a road map, GPS, or directions of any kind? If you're extremely lucky, you might eventually find your way, but not without a fair amount of trials and tribulations. A Health Coach provides a "map" and step-by-step, easy-to-follow directions to navigate you to your goals and dreams.

The "information age" certainly has its place, but it can also be incredibly overwhelming, especially when it comes to health. We are constantly bombarded with contradictory "facts," statements, studies, and diagnoses. Which way do you turn?

Have no fear, your health coach is near! My job is to pinpoint your body's specific needs, triggers, and problem areas. Then, we'll work together to create an individualized plan that fits your unique lifestyle and budget.

Initially, we'll meet weekly to ensure you're on the right track. Once you feel comfortable following the course on your own, we'll scale back to monthly check-ins. Eventually, you won't need me anymore. You'll know your body better than ever before and have a clear vision and understanding of the path you're on. Plus, you'll have increased clarity, strength, vitality and wisdom to see you through.

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